Our logo and how to use it

If your organisation receives funding from us, we, like most other funders, ask you to acknowledge this by using our logo on any promotional material and documentation you produce

This guidance note tells you about our logo and provides some basic information about how you should use it

Our logo is a heraldic crest representing the historical origins of the Foundation. Not everyone will recognise this if used on its own, so you must add the Foundation’s name above, below, or to the right hand side of the logo. Two of these three options are shown in the examples below. We leave it up to you to decide which is the most appropriate in relation to the layout of your publicity material and the logos of any other funders you may also need to credit.

You may either print the logo in its coloured format as shown below or as a black and white image.

How To Use Our Logo

Our logo can be sent to you either by email or on a CD-Rom and is available in jpeg and tif formats.

The size you print our logo will depend on the type and size of promotional materials you are producing. We do not stipulate a minimum or maximum size you must use. The most important thing is that the wording beneath or to the side of the logo should be legible.

Arrangements for acknowledging a grant are agreed individually in discussion between the grantee and the Foundation, and are intended to reflect both the size and nature of each grant we make. However, as a general guide, we would normally expect you to use our logo on any literature or advertising where other funders are also being credited. This might include, for example, leaflets, newsletters, brochures, programmes, reports, publications and the sleeves of CD-Roms. If you have received funds from us towards building works or Specialist School status we would normally expect you to credit the Foundation on any plaque or sign that is erected.

Please note that our grant should also be credited in your annual report, but you need not include our logo if you are not doing so for other funders.

If you have any queries please contact us

Download this guide as a pdf.