Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service receives a £28,840 grant to decolonise the curriculum with Artefact Boxes for local schools

Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service (THSLS), a vital educational resource in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, has been awarded a grant of £28,840 over two years to create artefact boxes that will support decolonising the curriculum in local schools.

The project’s primary aim is to bring the curriculum to life, ensuring that it accurately reflects the history and experiences of students from various cultural backgrounds and will make a significant difference in the educational landscape of Tower Hamlets. These artefact boxes, accompanied by key books, will be lent to teachers for a term at a time, providing them with the resources they need to diversify and enrich their curriculum. The boxes, once created, will be maintained by Schools Library Service’s staff and are expected to serve as valuable educational resources for years to come

Over the next two years, eight artefact boxes will be built to cover a wide range of topics such as Islamic Empires, Bangladeshi History or Asian and Black Scientists. Each box will contain relevant items, non-fiction and fiction books, and teachers’ guides to help educators effectively utilise these resources.

This grant underscores the commitment of the Aldgate and Allhallows Foundation and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to promoting inclusivity in education, and marks a significant step towards creating a more equitable learning environment for students.

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